Welcome to A VA Will Assist

Looking for help with administrative tasks, but cannot seem to locate someone with the qualification you need.  Or, do you have a shortage of space in your office for them and you too? 

Working with a virtual assistant (VA) is your answer. The VA may be located anywhere and yet, just a click, email, IM or phone call away. It is almost like having them in your office with you.

A Va Will Assist (AVAWA) works with small business owners, micro-business owners and professionals, who struggle with too much paperwork, time sensitive deadlines and a desire to make more money.  AVAWA's assistance helps by taming the paper tiger and giving clients back time to do what they love to do and do well. To accomplish this, AVAWA uses technology to its max including our personal experiences, a caring attitude, open friendly personality and willingness to learn. What separates AVAWA service from our competitors is the vast working knowledge of sales and the personal experience being an owner of several businesses. Because of this, clients have the security of a safety net to catch those pesky details, much needed structure in a chaotic business and the comfort of a business partner who is watching their back.

Assuming you are here because you are considering & or looking for the services or benefits of a (VA) virtual assistant, check out What a is a VA or Interview with Ava. VAs are helpful, are an extra set of hands and ears, experienced, offer suggestions, get the job done, have a reservoir of expertise and resources, professional, and uphold a high standard of ethics. If you are interested or contemplating hiring a virtual assistant, read these following questions.

1) Would you like to be free from the small details that seem to be overwhelming?

2) Do you feel better when your tasks are accomplished instead of the procrastination we all tend to do?

3) Does the sheer volume of email and correspondence sometimes build up that you want to hit delete and make all of them go away?

4) Would you make more money if you were in front of clients and spending less time doing back office work that you really do not like doing anyway?

5) As you sit answering email or returning missed phone calls, do you sometimes wonder if you are wasting time and it could be more productive?

6) Are marketing plans falling by the wayside because there is no time to monitor existing ones or even implement new ones?

7) Would your business grow if you could only find someone to help you work and bring organization to your business without having to hire someone full time in your tiny office?

Did any of these sound familiar?    Did you answer yes to only part of them or yes to all of them?

A VA Will Assist clients are in cities such as

·      Chicago IL

·      Westport CT

·      Turnersville NJ

·      Tasmania, Austrailia

·      Okemos MI

·      Indianapolis IN

·      Carmel IN

·      Washington DC

·      North Storington CT

·      New York NY

·      Ft. Lauderdale FL

·      Mequon WI