Our Company  

Ava Edlin has been in the business world since 1981. She started with assisting her husband by being office manager and handling the bookkeeping. Later she entered the insurance industry in the home office setting. Among her tasks were rating, policy changes and eventually commercial lines of insurance. She left insurance to run and operate her own photo business. She operated the photo business for 6 ½ years. She can honestly say she has been around the world many times and never left her home state. Knowing her clients on first name translated in to a huge return business clientele and repeat business. Many of the clients/customers became friends and still ask when she will re-open a photo store. They cannot find anyone who can color balance their cherished memories or have a nice chat while picking them up.

Ava entered the real estate business in 1992. She specialized in residential real estate including condos, duplexes, and vacant land. The real estate business is something that still interests her and stays at top the trends. She obtained her brokers license before leaving the business for family reasons.

She started A VA Will Assist to utilize her skill set & offer her experiences and knowledge to other business owners. She uses current technology to communication with her clients. Ava has an ability to connect with people and has a good sense of humor. Her sense of humor assists her clients in touch with current customers and turning future prospects into happy customers that refer and send more new business.