A VA is a virtual assistant or virtual office assistant. A VA is a business owner, who works from their office and can be located anywhere. They assist and collaborate with business professionals, entrepreneurs, micro-businesses and individuals providing administrative, creative and/or technical services.

Benefits of working with a virtual assistant (VA)

The busy professional and entrepreneur has time to get to the important tasks that make them more money. A go-to-person for their clients and customers taking the pressure of time-sensitive matters out of their mind. Gives them a second set of eyes to catch small details that might or has fallen through the cracks. Opens doors to more opportunities for new venues and out-reach to their clients and customers. Let's the less technology minded people the chance to utilize that technology more fully and efficiently. Offers the small office and business owner a chance to grow without having to hire an in-office personnel and the expenses that go with that employee. You pay for the time worked by the VA. No more paying an employee to sit at a desk and you have nothing for them to do. A virtual assistant is not an employee of your company. They are small business owners themselves. A virtual assistant becomes an integral part of your business. Virtual Assistants become a part of your company interested in helping your small business succeed. They get to know you personally, want to know your customers, and assist in maintaining a close contact with your customer base.